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September 28, 2009 / Boris Mann for Twitter-spread job postings

A while back, I tweeted on the @bootuplabs account that “Craigslist now sucks for finding good web / startup people. Use which @ericries made. Let us know, we’ll RT for you”.

More recently, we’ve had a chance to try this out. One of our portfolio companies, Dimerocker, is looking for a PHP ninja with front end skills. Their job description is at, and a simple “Tweet this” makes it easy for the @bootuplabs or any other account to “RT” and pass the job along.

But Joblink is not just for job postings. If you’re looking for a cofounder, or you yourself are looking for a cool new position, you can anonymously fill out a listing and have friends with good networks pass the link along.

I think that my comment on Craigslist was perhaps a bit over the top. But, it definitely is the case that you have to sift through a lot more chaff from Craigslist resumes than you used to. I think that if I were hiring for web startups, I’d want anyone there to be familiar with Twitter, or at least have friends that can pass the links along from it.

If you have a startup related job, are looking for a cofounder or some related job offering, let us know the Joblink, and we’ll happily pass it along with our accounts.

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