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August 5, 2009 / Danny Robinson

Extreme University – Startups take note!

Yesterday I spoke with Amar Varma from Extreme Venture Partners.  They have create a Bootup Labs/Techstars like startup program in Toronto called Extreme University!  From all of us at Bootup Labs, we welcome them to the scene.  Well, the reality is that they’re not that new.  They’ve been working on a number of projects under the Extreme brand, including a venture fund, and a elite web services company called Xtreme Labs.  AND, they’ve already had one exit: J2Play was recently acquired by EA.

We’re very excited to see this new era of Internet venture investing mature to the new permanent way of getting start ups going efficiently.  Sure, entrepreneurs can still start their companies on their own, but not as quickly, and with more dilution.  It’s quickly no longer becoming a question of if to start at Bootup Labs/Techstars/Extreme, rather than which one to start with.

See more of my thoughts in the comments of Boris Wertz’s blog post: The Sudio-ization of the application business

What are your thoughts?  What will happen to traditional VC?  How fast will this transformation take?

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