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June 25, 2009 / Danny Robinson

Sutus unboxing – Phone systems for Bootup Portfolio


We’ve been having some telephone growing pains here at Bootup Labs.  I am not a big fan of phone systems in general. They fall in the same category as fax machines and printers.  Old school, heavy tech, that requires skilled IT people to install, operate, and support.  Everything at Bootup Labs is done in the cloud, except the phones and printers.  Luckily, i’ve been able to get away with faxing with MyFax, and scanning and emailing most of the time.  I realize that we could have used a cloud based PBX system, like Primus, but I wasn’t prepared to sign a long term contract with a bigger player, or trust a smaller player.  As much as I try to encourage the use of corporate cell phones instead of desk phones, I had to succumb to the basic requirement for a corporate phone number.  People that call a company, expect the professionalism and security you feel when you’re greeted by an automated attendant saying “Thank you for calling NewCo. If you know your party’s extension, please dial it now, otherwise press 4 for the directory”  Argg.  If someone actually answered the phone, the reaction should be “wow, you have great service” but it’s more often met with the feeling of, “wow, if you can afford to have people answer the phone directly, you’re probably too small to work with us.”


We have purchased a Sutus Business Central 200 box for each portfolio company.  When the company leaves Bootup, they take their phone system with them.  All they have to do is plug it in at their new office and they’re ready to go.  It’s already configured with their babytel VoIP line, so no need to call any phone companies.  Obviously, they need to have a good internet connection, but they’ll need that anyway.  ahh, sweet simplicity.

Unboxing pics


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