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May 22, 2009 / Boris Mann

Find a Co Founder

Ed just posted an overview on the BLES website about the first Co Founder Connections event:

Now, it’s relatively easy for a budding entrepreneur in this circumstance to find and hire a contractor to do the work for him. This may seem attractive because it allows the entrepreneur to maintain control of development and complete ownership of the company, but the problem is this: when the contract is done, the entrepreneur may have legal ownership of the idea, but the contractor walks out the door with all the expertise and know how. What the entrepreneur really needs is a technical co-founder, who is as heavily invested in the idea and the enterprise as he is. Such people are much harder to find, but we believe that in this situation, finding a co-founder is critical to the success of the business. Calling all Cofounders

I feel like Steve Balmer sometimes – “cofounders! cofounders! cofounders!” – many of the super smart entrepreneurs that come into our offices really need a partner to make things happen. (Ashish from @muutu linked to this post on what to look for in a cofounder)

Brad Feld talked about three kinds of people at a startup at the Beers with Brad event (I’m paraphrasing):

  1. co founder: true partner, big equity stake in the company; has a complimentary skill set
  2. lead employee: one of the first people in the door – they take a reduced salary and drive major production of the business
  3. employee: they’re happy to be there, but they expect full market wages. A stock option plan is a nice bonus to keep them motivated.

This event is for startup people #1 and #2 – either you want to make the jump and be a cofounder, or you’re someone looking for a job (especially a technical one) and feel you want to try being a lead employee.

I want to stress that last part: if you want to work at a startup, come to this event. It’s a good starting point to figure out whether startups are for you, and it gives you a chance to be heavily involved in the growth and success of a company.

Speaking of lead employees, our friends at Over Interactive Media are looking for a “PHP Ronin” for their DimeRocker gaming portal. So far, they’ve been getting programmers who show up in suits (?!?!) in response to this Craigslist ad. In the words of J. Joly, VP of Awesome at OMI, “no punters or wankers, they must be able to fight”. PHP + community + gaming – check it out, and meet them in person at the cofounder speed dating event or book an interview ahead of time.

In any case, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Launch Party and then follow the steps to fill out your profile. See you June 2nd, 4pm, at the SteamWorks UberLounge.



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