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March 11, 2009 / Boris Mann

Wednesday Wrap Up Long Time No See Edition

Yes, it’s been a while since we pushed out a Wednesday Wrap Up. I’ve been away on a trip to Washington DC getting my Drupal on, and Danny has been hard at work on the funding grindstone. The grapevine says you missed us, so here’s another one with some recent news.

The rockstars at Nitobi are looking for JavaScript and Flex pioneers to join their time. I’m not sure what they mean by pioneers — maybe you should show up at the interview wearing a coonskin cap? Get in touch using their contact form if you’re interested. Also, congrats to Nitobi for open sourcing their Complete UI AJAX component suite. It’s been a long time since a VanDEV presentation I gave on Open source and your business where I first met Andre and the crew – way back when Nitobi was still called eBusiness Apps.

By the way, we’re happy to post about jobs or co-founder opportunities here on the Bootup blog, and most especially for the Wednesday Wrap Up. Other than that, I can highly recommend what the Techvibes team are doing with their Vancouver tech jobs section. The featured jobs that show up on their blog I also find interesting, although could maybe do with a little more spice. Video?

It’s AdHack’s one year anniversary today: happy birthday, AdHack!. Congrats to James and the rest of the team and community – I see more good stuff in your next year. It also so happens that 130 years ago today, Alexander Graham Bell spoke over the telephone for the first time. And that’s a lead in which gives me an excuse to link to Confused of Calcutta, which made me aware of that fact. It also happens to be a fantastic blog, which you should definitely be subscribed to.

Turns out this very blog is #90 with a bullet on a list of top 150 blogs for entrepreneurs. I got contacted by Marc Dangeard of Entrepreneur Commons today to share an entrepreneurial story or two. Guess we better get cracking in “long format” posts here – I know I need to write something about NDAs, since I’ve just been sending folks over to Mark Peter Davis’ Get Venture blog to read his series (long story short: VC-type people generally don’t sign NDAs, and sharing your idea is good).

Have other blogs that are “must subscribe” (for whatever reason)? Let us know in the comments, I’ll put them in the wrap up next week.

Open Web Vancouver (June 11th and 12th on Upcoming) is now open for talk submissions. This conference is Vancouver’s techiest conference — I remember dragging Kevin Marks, Developer Advocate from Google back to the offices as the Strutta team was heading towards their first launch. Hopefully we’ll see Kevin and lots of other folks from the industry use this as a good excuse to come up and see Vancouver in the summertime. Maybe we’ll do an entrepreneur social or other meetup to coincide with the conference.

The BCTIA Technology Impact Awards deadline is this Friday, and I don’t think *anyone* has taken David Crow up on his offer?. I guess Strutta is going to sweep this one…

Riz’s Links

  • Information Technology Assocation of Canada (ITAC) is seeking nominations for their 2009 IT Hero awards – deadline is April 30th
  • Western Canada VC Activity in 2008 is down 39% in the IT category (life sciences were also down, clean tech and non technology sectors were up slightly) – from a recent report by the Ministry of Economic Development
  • The 10 Emerging Technologies of 2009 from the MIT Technology Review. I’ve heard the Intelligent Software Agent story a time or two before. HashCache seems at first glance to be, again, yet another caching algorithm, but for the developing world a phrase like “a classroom equipped with pretty much any kind of computers, even castoff PCs, could store and cheaply access one terabyte of Web data” definitely is compelling.


  1. Andre Charland / Mar 12 2009 6:58 pm

    Thanks for the plug Borris! We're also hiring a training coordinator. Someone with some night tech/web knowledge, event experience and sales skills.

  2. Maura Rodgers / Mar 13 2009 6:02 am

    @400 bucks a pop, I think the entry fee is a bit high for non-members. It's only $300 a year for a small company membership.

    BCTIA should also feature the judges pictures and bios on the Award site, so nominees know who is evaluating their submission up front.

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