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February 9, 2009 / Boris Mann

Show AdHack Your Balls

One of our ‘alpha’ companies, AdHack, kicked off a fun promotion last week, called Show us Your Balls. AdHack’s main premise is about becoming a marketplace for ads, where creatives and buyers can connect with each other.

To show us what that means, AdHack teamed up with Giant Ant Media and friends to create a web video. For beer? Or balls? Watch:

Well, what’s next is up to you. Your job is to write the script for the sequel, including choosing the “brand” that this is all about. To keep the momentum going, AdHack released another web video today of what the sequel is not:

Personally, I’d love to drink some AdHack beer 😛

It’s been fun to be involved in the lead up to this launch. My voice is the “kick balls” bass line, and we started creating our avatars on Twitter the week before. it reminds me of how much fun it was to create an ad for a business in an hour at Barcamp Vancouver 2007 – the Uncle Fatih video.

Head on over to the AdHack balls page for the full experience – remix the balls song, create an avatar, and submit your script entry to finish the story…you’ve got 1 week left to enter, and the winning entry will then be filmed and produced.

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