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December 15, 2008 / Boris Mann

Bootup Labs is now a Microsoft BizSpark Network Partner

Thanks to David Crow, Bootup Labs is now a Microsoft BizSpark Network partner. I got a whole wack of Network Partner guides to promoting BizSpark and press kits and what not, but they pretty much don’t apply to just writing a simple blog post šŸ˜›

The long story short is that if you’re a startup interested in using Microsoft technology — from desktop software licenses to server software to some of the new cloud computing tech like Azure — come see us at Bootup Labs and we can recommend that you get accepted into the BizSpark program for cheap or free access to some of these items.

Startups are also always looking for visibility, so while you’re filling out your or Crunchbase listing, go ahead and yourself to the BizSpark DB as well.


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