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October 17, 2008 / Boris Mann

The future is cloudy

King Cloud

Image by akakumo via Flickr

Yeah, that title has probably been overused a lot lately. We have a joke here in the office that pretty much anyone that has a website can now say that they do “cloud computing“. But we *have* been doing a lot of thinking about how hosting and Internet infrastructure will be changing. From the beginning of thinking about Bootup Labs, we also thought that we could support the companies we were working with by helping point them at best practices around scalable web services: from hosted tools to hosting providers.

LayerBoom is Trevor’s baby: it’s tackling problems around next-gen hosting and virtualization that would be THE area that I would have been diving into if Bootup weren’t around. Now I get to have my cake and eat it too, as I peer over Trevor’s shoulder in investigating where all this stuff is going.
Other than the decent website hosting reviews he keeps up to date, the only other thing I completely agree with his most recent post on the future of the hosting industry is: Hosting Apocalypse. Yep, that does deserve a drumroll and an explosion. I could go into all sorts of Gutenberg printing press analogies etc., but the fact of the matter is that we don’t really know what orders of magnitude changes affect: some businesses are destroyed, but like fireweed after a fire, new opportunities are created. Hmm, kind of sounds like the current economic situation, too.

Other folks covering related ideas include Mark Mayo, who writes about the changing role / skillset of sysadmins. Tim Bray’s Tough Times series covers infrastructure in part. Zero Cloud Lockin is having a good discussion on what does or does not constitute lock in with platforms.

Lastly, the ask. LayerBoom is running a survey asking what people would want from tools to run their own cloud. Trevor will be sharing the results on the blog, trying to get some data to see if the hosting apocalypse concept is real, and how far away it is.


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