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August 4, 2008 / Danny Robinson

Yahoo Boss Google App Engine Mashup

Very interesting to see what can be done by one person in very short period of time in the Search space:

With all of the interest from Microsoft to acquire search technologies, you can see how the fight for search domination is far from over.  In fact, I doubt it will ever end.  There’s simply too much at stake for Google to be complacent, or for us to be ignorant that they can maintain their dominance indefinitely.

Example: Netscape opened sourced their browser, and Firefox was born.  As we all know, Firefox is taking quite a bite out of IE’s market-share.  Yahoo launches Boss (Build your Own Search Service) and interesting applications are starting to pop up.  Although, my feeling is that this may backfire for Yahoo.  Microsoft will simply buy any company who has built anything interesting, and injure Google as much as possible, who is about to be Yahoo’s sugar daddy.

Searching for links for this post, I ran across this article in the Washington Post: Yahoo Boss Is So Open, It Runs on Google’s App Engine

Anyway, Food for thought: If you’re any sort of search technology, then you’re probably ripe for the picking.

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