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July 10, 2008 / Danny Robinson

Rogers sucks and so do System Access fees

From all the coverage that Rogers has got about how bad they treat us Canadians, I’m sure it’s got the marketing geeks heads spinning.  They’re probably wondering if all this bad press is going to get them more subscribers or less, because it’s not obvious.  They’re probably asking themselves, what would have happened if they just priced the data at $30/6GB up front.  Would they have avoided the controversy, or would everyone have been just as unhappy with that plan.  What if they waited for all the crazy early adopters to wait in line and pay a premium for being first, and then reduce the price a couple months later.  What if they did nothing at all?  I’m not sure, but there are some facts.  Canada has some the highest priced cell phone plans in the world.  Part of the reason is a “System Access Fee” that we all pay.  David McGuinty, Member of Parliament, Ottawa South, is looking for support for his bill C-555 which will do away with the System Access Fee.  If you agree, sign the petition.



  1. Nikolas / Jul 11 2008 12:27 am

    Rogers is also happy to charge you $50 each time you change your iPhone plan:

  2. T / Sep 22 2008 8:23 am

    There has been so much discussion in regards to extra fees and prices for plans and such things within the cell phone world. I have worked in the cell phone industry for over 4 years now and am disgusted by the reaction to the prices. Everyone is making such a big deal out of having to pay a system access fee or a 911 fee. First of all there are hundreds if not thousands of cell phone employees across Canada for each service provider. Do we all not deserve to live a decent life, that is…to be paid a decent wage? The extra fees are not government fees, they are not crtc regulated, these fees go directly to the service providers company, and guess what…right into the employees pockets, into the pockets of the manufacturers for the phones. Like any business, these companies are out to make money, with the consideration that they have towers to maintain, new handsets to put out, advertisements that are not cheap and most importantly their employees who learn new information on a daily basis and work hard.

    And my final statement is…just because we are retail doesnt mean we deserve to be paid minimum wage.

  3. T / Sep 22 2008 10:36 am

    oh yes…and not to mention all of the hard working people that work for emergency serviecs…do they not deserve to be paid a decent wage…come on they are saving lives….

  4. Jason / Feb 8 2009 8:50 pm

    @T: Wow. you really must be getting a good deal being an employee. The problem with this System Access Fee is that it is false advertising. $20 plan ends up to almost over $30 with taxes and the system access fee.

    This isn't a topic about getting paid a decent wage. that should be considered and accounted for by the company.

    for that matter, you really think the companies care about looking to increase your wages? they'd rather find minimum wage people.

  5. Rode HS 1-P / May 27 2011 9:19 pm

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