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May 29, 2008 / Danny Robinson

Headed to Under the Radar

I’m off to Under the Radar Monday. Looks like Colleen, CEO of hot, recently funded, Vancouver startup Movieset will be presenting, or should I say representing. And also I’m looking forward to hearing Lowell talk about Loud3r. He’s good friends with my brother and has been keeping me up to date as he progressed with his company — very cool concept. Other companies that will be there are:


  • 33Across – Identifies influential online users
  • AnimotoCreate personalized, professional-quality videos from images and music, offering a new alternative to traditional online photo slideshows
  • AudioMicroStock music and sound effects licensing platform
  • Aviary Suite of web-based applications for people who create and a marketplace to sell that content
  • BigStage – Animate yourself with cutting-edge virtualization technology
  • – aggregated comedy entertainment site
  • CrowdSPRING – crowdsourcing of creative talent.
  • Curse – MMO gamer community.
  • Dizzywood – A virtual world that allows kids to dress up 3D avatars, play games, explore worlds and meet new friends in a safe environment
  • ffwd Organized, multi-platform, video content delivered via a browser, with social network awareness, and predictive recommendations.
  • GumGum A licensing and distribution platform for online content
  • Hollywood Interactive Group – A mass casual mmo based on reality TV concepts and Hollywood stardom.
  • JackedBrowser-based “second screen” for TV viewers, which provides synchronized content and a real-time interactive experience that complements what they’re watching on TV
  • Jygy – Mobile social networking with SMS
  • Keibi – Moderation and classification of user generated content (UGC)
  • KosmixCategorization engine that crawls billions of Web pages in a unique manner to create algo-generated home pages
  • Lil’Grams – Tracking your babies memories in real time.
  • LoomiaSocial recommendations bridging established social networking sites with media websites
  • Loud3r – Aggregating and publishing semantically searched content
  • MediaForge – We’ve got widgets comin’ out our ads
  • Mochi MediaProvides independent game developers with analytics, distribution, tools and monetization while providing advertisers with turnkey opportunities to reach the one in three Internet users who play online games.
  • MovieSet Platform that brings behind-the-scenes filmmaking online, giving fans authentic access through its proprietary toolkit for Producers.
  • MytopiaSocial gaming community for Web, Mobile, Smartphone and TV
  • Nesting – Organizing family activities; scheduling, networking and more
  • – video commerce platform that overlays contextual information directly onto online video content
  • Pikum! – A new kind of betting game
  • PluggedInEnjoy stunning, broadcast-quality music videos from your browser
  • PutPlace – Media storage all the way from Ireland
  • Shift Control Media – Shift Control Media is a branded entertainment company, specializing in the creation of original Brandworthy Games, as well as the development of game and emerging media strategy
  • SocialMedia Networks – enables developers of social media applications to monetize their traffic
  • SometricsSocial Analytics and Social Ad Platform
  • Verismo Networks – High quality video over broadband without a pc.
  • VivatyBrings together your friends, photos and videos into a personal virtual scene, in your browser
  • Vusion – HD Quality Video over the internet
  • Wetpaint – Wiki powered websites
  • XumiiTake all your contacts from your social networks with you — on your phone!


  1. Darren Barefoot / May 29 2008 8:20 pm

    PutPlace is a client of mine. They’re good-natured Irish folks. I’ll send an email introduction, if you want to chat with Joe, the CEO.

  2. Danny Robinson / May 30 2008 1:04 pm

    Got the email Darren, and I’ll make contact with Joe to make when I’m down there

  3. Lowell Goss / May 31 2008 12:42 pm

    When are you arriving? We should plan to meet Monday if you are around.

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