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May 8, 2008 / Danny Robinson

Clear the air – 90% of VCs are good

I’ve been getting some heat about my video I did for my friend’s company  Some people believe that I’m a VC hater, but that could be no further from the truth.  Some of my best friends are VCs.  I admire and aspire to be more like them.  I’ve had some really good experiences from VCs.  Rex Golding, formerly MobiusVC, was my most respected role model at the time.  He took the time to understand our overall corporate strategy, and before he made recommendations, he thought about how it effected the big picture.  That said, I’ve had my share of VCs that were not so great, and shall remain nameless.

But all in all, if you’re starting a company, you will most definitely benefit from VC cash, credibility, connections, and a sounding board.  Just make sure that you know when to take it and when to leave it.


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