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April 23, 2008 / Danny Robinson

Embarassing Story About Strutta’s Pu’bic Launch

Dick Hardt asked me to speak at last night’s Vancouver Enterprise Forum on a new segment they just started called Lightning Talks. They’re trying out a new format where the presentations and speakers go first, and then you move on to the networking with dinner and drinks afterwards. Despite the size of the instant line for food that suddenly appears, I prefer the new format. Maybe that’s because Heather (from Growthworks)¬†let me cut in with her.

Anyway, this is how the Lightning Talks part works: Up to 4 entrepreneurs have 100 seconds to pitch their idea. After the 100 seconds are up, Dick flicks a switch and your screen is off and the next presentation starts. So, It was Jonathan Bixby of Strangeloop Networks and Nikki Layton of Volo Innovations and I was pitching Strutta.

My second slide in my presentations was announcing that we just launched our public beta launch on April 15th. Problem was that “Public” was spelled “Pubic” Needless to say, the place erupted in laughter. It took me a few seconds to figure out what was happening and by the time I was able to get started again, my 100 seconds was pretty much over. The moral of this story, Proof your slides!

Adding salt to my wounds, both Nikki and Jonathan effortlessly nailed their presentations.

Contact Dick info [at] if you want to pitch your company at the next VEF. I’d love to have a redo, but I don’t think I’d be accepted.



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