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April 18, 2008 / Danny Robinson

BC sets up $90 Million Renaissance Capital Fund

In a strategy to spark more early stage innovation in the province, the BC government has set up a fund called the BC Renaissance Capital Fund (BCRCF). This fund is being managed by 6 venture capital funds. Some in the US and some in Canada

I personally think this is a very smart strategic move for the government to do and I think many in the tech startup industry would agree. According to a response from my twitter post this morning by Brent Holliday “Finally, a non-tax driven strategy to attract capital… The US has been doing it this way for 30 years. Hopefully this is a big shot in the arm for BC technology companies.”

Despite Todd Tessier’s secretive selection process, I have to sincerely thank him for all the hard work I know it must have been to drive this to closure. Thanks Todd! And thanks Sam for getting me invited to the announcement this morning. I’m not sure why it was so exclusive; I couldn’t even get Boris or Parveen in past the tight security. What was it again?… something to do with the fire marshal? Anyway, this is all good news and I’m planning on a good portion of this money being funneled into Bootup Labs companies in the future 😉


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  1. BC Government launches $90 Million Fund

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