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March 22, 2008 / Boris Mann

Rick Segal is coming to Vancouver, Victoria for a VC Roundtable

Rick SegalRick Segal is a partner in the team at JLA Ventures, a Canadian VC firm with offices in Toronto and Montreal. He’s doing a VC Roundtable to give entrepreneurs across the country a chance to meet with him. Rick does a lot of “no harm, no foul” meetings that are much less like traditional “pitch” meetings, and in general has been doing a great job in supporting the growth of Canadian entrepreneurship.

As part of the VC Roundtable, Rick will be visiting Vancouver (signup) and Victoria (signup) (both in one day, Rick? Come on, stay a little longer….) on April 21st. What is this VC Roundtable all about?

Something’s missing in Canada’s tech community – the chance to informally interact with VCs, learn about what it is exactly that they do and how the funding process works.

The VC Roundtable series aims to fill this gap, by hosting small (free!) get togethers across Canada’s major cities where Rick Segal, JLA Ventures Partner and VC blogger ( will walk through what getting involved with VCs is all about.

There is a bit of a longer write up on what this is and isn’t on each of the signup pages — see the Vancouver one for an example.

Rick, we can give you space at Bootup Labs if you need it in Vancouver. If you’re a startup in one of those areas, or one of the many other locations across the country that Rick is visiting, I encourage you to sign up and sit down with Rick.



  1. Aidan Henry / Mar 23 2008 1:40 pm

    I’m signed up 🙂 Looking forward to it…



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