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March 10, 2008 / Boris Mann

New startup fund for Montreal

Montreal Startup LogoBoth Jevon at Startup North and Rob at TechVibes have covered the launch of Montreal Start Up, a fund specifically targeted at very early stage startups. It’s “only” a $3M fund, so the ideals are very much in line with what we are planning here at Bootup: find great people and ideas, and help them succeed with both some level of monetary support, but also use networks and mentoring to help those startups succeed.

Of the partners / investors listed, I only know Austin Hill, and him only be reputation and a few email introductions. Montreal is on my list to make some cross pollination happen with Vancouver, so I hope to either visit there (but only when it stops snowing!) or have some folks come out west for an event.

It’s interesting to see that this group is, indeed, a fund. One of our current principles with Bootup is that we are not a fund. This will give us a bit more flexibility in the types of activities we pursue. But as Jevon points out, “Montreal Startup will be one of a new type of VCs in Canada who are far more engaged with local startup communities than ever before”. And that’s a very good thing.



  1. John Stokes / Mar 11 2008 4:02 am

    Hey Danny and Boris – we are very keen on “cross-pollination” and have already been “off-island” with trips to Toronto and Waterloo – Vancouver is very much on the radar and we are keen to partner up with like minded individuals.

    MSU manages a Fund but we also work as part of the Montreal community to give input and advice to entrepreneurs as they develop their ideas – if an investment opportunity comes out of it – great – but we don’t want people feel they need to wait until they need money to have a chat with us.

    Good luck with your initiative – we’ve heard only positive stuff so far !

    John (Montreal Start Up)

  2. Michael Parkatti / Mar 11 2008 8:29 am

    From the perspective of people that are just starting out, more programs that offer hands-on support and advice to new startups can only benefit the Canadian entrepreneurial landscape. I think MSU is a fantastic idea, and will create a great foundational layer of early-stage technology companies. I think we’ll see more programs like this as the early innovators succeed…

  3. maurarodgers / Mar 11 2008 9:41 am

    @ John,

    Boris and I are on the same page re: cross pollination. He knows that this is very much what I am trying to do with the networking event, Launch Party. We’ve done some cross pollination with the folks at Twiistup in LA and we would love to do a joint event with start-ups in Montreal to bring our tech communities together.

    We should all chat offline about making this happen.

    Maura (Strutta & Launch Party Vancouver)

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